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Donor Information

Consistent with the limitations of the Health Foundation of Greater Massillon, donations can be made to the foundation in any amount, any time, to existing and new funds.

1) Gifts in memory or to honor an individual will be acknowledged to the honoree or his/her family. Donor Information

2) All donations are tax-deductible, and all donors will
receive a letter of acknowledgement for their records.


A Planned Giving Program targets unconventional donor assets for deferred donations to charities. Planning Giving usually increases the donor's spendable income and increases their eventual gift to the charity.

The Health Foundation of Greater Massillon can and will assist area charities in setting up and maintaining their Planned Giving Program. We will assist donors who wish to participate in this program. Trusts, pooled income funds, retirement assets, bequests, insurance assets and life insurance gifts are possible through the foundation.


Anyone can start a new named fund at our foundation. An initial donation of as little at $1 is all that is needed, provided that a commitment is made to reach minimum goals of $5,000 within five years. The foundation will follow each donor's specifications for the granting of the funds. Below is a list of categories you consider:

Donor-advised Fund:

These are grants suggested to the board by the donor.

Designated Fund:

The earnings of this fund are awarded to whatever charitable entity the donor chooses, such as a church, nonprofit agency or educational institution.

Community Service Fund:

Addresses the needs of the community as they are constantly changing.

Field of Interest Fund:

Awards grants to the donor's particular area of interest such as economic development, conservation, education, health care, senior citizens or youth who are at risk.

Scholarship Fund:

Assists students with their costs for a higher education.


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