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Cialis and ED

The erectile dysfunction often appears in young men at the age of 30-35 years. This is the peak of the sexual activity when the male body produces a lot of the sexual hormone testosterone and the sexual function works maximally.

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Despite high popularity of Cialis young men rarely use the medical stimulators of the potency. In the course of the statistic studies the reason of such behavior has been detected.

Many men do not take stimulators of the potency because of the fear of the worsening of the reproductive function. In other words, they worry that the quality of the seminal fluid may become worse during the prolonged use of Cialis, and the reproductive system will be damaged.  

Several clinical studies have been conducted on the subject of this problem.

The main active component of Cialis – Tadalafil – have passed all tests and this medicine does not influence on the quality and volume of the seminal fluid according to the results of the scientists.

Spermatogenesis (development of the male sexual cells – spermatozoa) occurs as a result of the hormone action. In case of the hormone changes (reduction of testosterone) the probability of the worsening of the sperm quality may be. But it does not depend on the Cialis use or the identical stimulators of the erectile function.

The pharmacological action of Cialis provides a completely another mechanism and does not influence of the level and concentration of the hormones in the testicles. It is proved by the laboratory conditions as well as practice.

The body needs the active sexual life at young age as well as the quality sex. Cialis will help you in this.

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